Mayoral Candidates for Tel Aviv 2018

Who is running for Mayor of Tel Aviv?

There are four candidates: Ron Huldai, Asaf Zamir, Assaf Harel and Natan Elnatan. Keep reading for some background on each candidate.

Ron Huldai
Ron Huldai2Ron Huldai is Tel Aviv’s incumbent Mayor, who has held the post for the past 20 years.

Huldai is affiliated with the national Labor party, but in Tel Aviv heads the local list known as Tel Aviv Achat – One Tel Aviv. The party won 5 seats on city council in the 2013 elections.

You can read about Huldai’s tenure here (keep in mind, this account is PR focused and most likely sanctioned by the Mayor himself).

Asaf Zamir
Asaf Zamir2Asaf Zamir is head of the local party Rov Ha’Ir (literally, most of the city), which he co-founded in 2008 as a party to represent the younger generation living in Tel Aviv (aka, millennials). The party won three seats in that election, and at age 28, Zamir became the youngest Deputy Mayor in Tel Aviv’s history. In 2013, the party won four seats and Zamir continued as Deputy Mayor.

For the past five years, Zamir has held the Council’s education portfolio, managing a budget of 1.25 billion NIS. His website indicates that he has played an active role in opening thousands of new daycare centers and 14 new schools. He has promoted pluralistic learning programs, educational psychologists in schools and youth centers.

Zamir is supported in his candidacy by Zippi Brand, head of the Parents Party and current city council member. Brand initially announced that she would run for Mayor, but later withdrew her candidacy to run as Number 2 on Zamir’s list.  Number 3 on the list is LGBT activist Chen Arieli.

Assaf Harel
Assaf Harel2Assaf Harel is a comedian who announced his candidacy for Mayor in August of this year. Harel heads a new party list named Anachnu Ha’Ir – We Are the City.

Harel’s platform is founded on his belief that Tel Aviv is headed in the wrong direction under its current leadership – particularly regarding urban planning and investment, transport and transparency. He wants to see the city returned to the people and his vision for the future is “less Manhattan, more Berlin”.

Natan Elnatan
Natan Elnatan2Natan Elnatan is a current city council member, Deputy Mayor, and leader of the local section of the Shas party.

Currently, a coalition of the Shas (ultra orthodox Sephardi) , Habayit Hayehudi (national religious) and Yahadut Hatorah (ultra orthodox ashkenazi) parties holds three seats on the local council.  Elnatan is looking to expand the Shas party’s powers.


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