Parties Running for Tel Aviv Council 2018

The following parties are running for Tel Aviv city council in 2018. Please note that this list may be incomplete, as there is no official list of candidates. Parties are listed in alphabetical order (English).

Anachnu Ha’Ir (We Are the City)
Anachnu Ha'Ir letters
Assaf Harel is running for mayor and Anachnu Ha’Ir is his party. Assaf and his party believe Tel Aviv should lead Israel on coexistence and social justice. The party prides itself on its diverse list of candidates. It is one of only two which uses Arabic letters on its voting slip. The party platform addresses a wide range of issues – from a proposal to close the Central Bus Station, to more equal representation of women in municipal employment, to assisting small to medium businesses.

Facebook | Website (Hebrew)

Chai (Secular Green party)

The Chai party platform notes that the party is committed to: (1) Fight for a secular Tel Aviv and to prevent religious coercion; (2) Promote green and environmental issues and develop green spaces in the city; (3) Act to protect the well-being of animals and their rights. At least some members of the party have previous experience on city council.

Facebook | Website (Hebrew)

Hareshima HaTelAvivit (The Tel Avivi party)

At the core of the Tel Avivi party platform is the idea that all Tel Aviv residents, no matter their background, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation, deserve equality and a better place to live and work.  The party promotes strong public participation and transparency in municipal decision-making. It is one of only two parties headed by a woman and at least some of its members have previous experience on city council. Click below to read the full English platform.

Facebook | Website (English)

Ichud Tel Aviv (Unity Tel Aviv)

Ichud Tel Aviv believe that Tel Aviv belongs to all its residents and that all residents can unite towards common goals. They want to work for the benefit of all by using city resources to improve quality of life. The party has specific strategies regarding olim; they want to make life easier for non-native Israelis, old and new.

Facebook | Facebook (English) | Website (English)

Ir Yeruka (Green City)


Ir Yeruka is a party of environmental activists, headed by the CEO of Israel’s Green Movement (Megama Yeruka), Mor Gilboa. The party’s goal is to make Tel-Aviv-Jaffa the best environmental and social city in the world.

Facebook (Hebrew) | Website (Hebrew) | Platform (English)

Ma’aminim (Believers)

maaminimThe Ma’aminim party platform has four main aspects: (1) Representation of the Jewish community in Tel Aviv; (2) Promoting quality education for all; (3) Increasing the budgets of neighborhoods in the south of the city; (4) Incorporating love of the land and Jewish identity into municipal decision-making.

Facebook (Hebrew) | Website (Hebrew)

Mekomi B’Tel Aviv (Local in Tel Aviv / My Place in Tel Aviv)


Mekomi is a grassroots movement of young people living in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, who believe we need better representation of the younger demographic on city council. Their platform addresses a number of key issues, including housing rent, culture, transportation and mobility and sustainability.

Facebook | Platform (English) | Platform (French)


MeretzMeretz is a national party which has also had representation on Tel Aviv city council for the past several years. The party believes that there is a strong connection between national and local issues and they seek to support their national social democratic agenda at the local level too. Meretz is one of only two parties running for council which is headed by a woman.

Facebook | Website (Hebrew)

Olim Beyachad (Olim Together)

Olim-BeyachadOlim Beyachad is Tel Aviv’s dedicated olim party. It aims to give a voice to olim from every community in the city. Their platform includes making municipal information available in a multitude of languages; increase the budget and programs dedicated to olim integration; job accessibility; reduced bureaucracy for olim-owned businesses; affordable housing.

Facebook | Website (English)

Rov Ha’Ir (literally, “most of the city”)

Rov-HairRov Ha’Ir is led by Asaf Zamir, who is running for Mayor. The party has sat on Tel Aviv city council for the past 10 years and has been responsible for several successful projects, including the Mazeh 9 community hub and Chevruta program for school age students. Now, with Asaf Zamir’s leadership, the party wants to move forward with the proposals that they say have been stuck on the current mayor’s desk for years. The party wants to take the administration of Tel Aviv-Yafo and the quality of life of its residents to the next level.

Facebook | Website (English) | Full platform (English)


ShasShas is a national ultra orthodox Sephardi party. The leader of the local Tel Aviv list, Natan Elnatan, is running for Mayor. The local party platform centers on the idea that Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, should be an example of preserving Jewish values. The party seeks to preserve the shabbat and is therefore actively against public transportation or allowing business to be open on Shabbat. The party also seeks to establish new synagogues, just as new kindergartens and schools are established. The party seeks to strengthen local public participation processes.

Facebook (Hebrew)

Tel Aviv 1


Tel Aviv 1 is current Mayor Ron Huldai’s party.  Ron Huldai is seeking reelection, together with members of his party for city council. We have not located any platform or website for the party. The campaign slogan is “You don’t gamble with Tel Aviv”, implying that only Ron Huldai can successfully run the city.


Tel Aviv Tivonit (Vegan Tel Aviv)


The new vegan party believes that now is the time to realize the potential created by the burgeoning veganism in Tel Aviv, in order to establish a municipal framework for veganism. They want to create accessible and convenient infrastructure – not from a coercive or restrictive place, but from an inviting and inclusive place that will enable anyone who already knows and appreciates the advantages of veganism to make the most of it. The party platform focuses on all aspects of veganism – concern for human health, protection of animals and the environment.

Facebook | Website (Hebrew)



The Yaffe party is focused on the rich and diverse culture of Jaffa. The party seeks promote multicultural and egalitarian policies on all levels of urban life. Their goal is to empower and allow residents to express their various identities, while recognizing the uniqueness and difference between them. They seek to foster a sense of belonging and shared urban pride. Their party platform takes into account issues such as gender equality and participation; preserving the Arab-Palestinian identity in Jaffa; and promoting community and neighborhood projects that enhance the sense of identity, belonging and mutual responsibility between residents.

Facebook | Party Platform (Hebrew/Arabic)


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